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HK Gardener Goes Downtown

Follow the Hudson River bike path all the way south through the series of parks and gardens that make up the Battery Park City Parks and the reward is a small circular garden rich in plant and animal life. I found myself there one recent morning and couldn’t leave. I’d almost forgotten that I had my camera in my backpack and was grateful for the chance to capture a little of this stunning array of foliage and flowers filtered through the soft morning atmosphere. These days I really want to know how a garden bed is put together in a way that works aesthetically and environmentally. Here’s a garden that to my mind succeeds in both.

Circular garden

Datura and nicotiana flowers.


Foliage and flowers, highs and lows, shade to full sun, spills and spills…


Drifts of Japanese anemone intermixed with Russian sage against a blue-green-gray cloud of variegated ornamental grass.


The wildlife.


The other side of anemone patch has a completely different look to offer.


White hibiscus and nicotiana—beautifully timed blooms.


The pond at the center of the circular garden.


More wildlife.


The sunny side of the circle.