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Earth Day 2014: In the Woods

Thinking about Earth Day, we left Hell’s Kitchen and went to the woods. There, life seemed in check, still under the cover of grays and browns, but the more we looked, the more we saw…CTWoodsandwaterBeneath our feet weren’t just dry leaves. The delicate and nearly hidden head of a young garter snake paused, far more aware of us than we of it. Attuning our eyes to that first snake helped us catch sight of the tail of a second.

GartersnakesblogThe snake was not our first animal sighting. At the beginning of our walk a black swallowtail butterfly floated silently onto a log where she warmed her wings in a spot of sunlight. I tried to get a picture, but I couldn’t get close enough without leaving the trail (a no-no).skunkcabbageandtrilliumblogSkunk cabbages were erupting along the trillium path. No trilliums yet. Then, after all the quiet and slow-moving things, some wild water.