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Just a Little More Winter

It snowed again on Thursday, as many of you know. It was that downy kind of snow that settles on your head like baby bird feathers. Underneath was solid ice. We on the garden snow crew got out there and started trying to find cracks in what seemed to be the world’s hardest peanut brittle. Getting under that surface and lifting up plates of ice is extremely satisfying, but it was not happening nearly enough to justify all the energy that a couple of shovelers was putting in.

We waylaid a city sanitation truck piled high with salt. The driver came back after making his rounds and filled our buckets. We applied it and suddenly the impenetrable coating began to crackle.

Tipping the balance.

Tipping the balance.

Reinforcements came in the form of more gardeners and moms and kids on the way home from school. It was still very cold out but the neighborhood felt a little warmer.


De-plating the ice.