Marching for Everything We Love

Cyndi&TessamysignI’m borrowing from a beautiful hand-painted cloth sign carried by a neighbor and fellow gardener (right, with her daughter) at the march yesterday. Everyone who was marching knows that there is no part of life on Earth that is or will be untouched by climate change. The creativity used to express this throughout the march was remarkable, as was the atmosphere of peace and goodwill. 400,000 people walking together, helping each other carry signs and placards, and leaving barely any litter behind! If we can do that, surely we can share and conserve our resources equitably, recycle, compost, and switch to clean renewable energy. Below is a sampling of the march.


Enbuscadeunhogar flowerbaby FrackNO GroupfromAppalachia hereforIran hisfuture Local802 morebirds motherearth mysign NoplanetB ResistenceIndigena SBronx1in5haveasthma stilts2 STOPsign Hudsonvalleywarming
familywithpaintedsigns feedtheworms headinsand Librarians LomaMirandaParqueNacional Mostaffected







womenunited Louisiana

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