Message in a White Bag (Containing Compost)

I’m not normally overjoyed to see a bag of compost hanging from the garden fence. (Contributions are collected on specific days.) This one, however, was a neat white gift bag containing some scraps to be composted, a small packet of squash seeds, and a note that needs to be shared with my fellow gardeners. The note reads: “Your garden is beautiful. If you are ever in New Orleans please come to CRISP Farms.” It was signed by Zach.

I have to agree that our garden is beautiful even at the end of summer when many things are overgrown and ragged, so thank you to Zach for visiting and noticing on behalf of all of us.

I looked up CRISP Farms and found this video: and a CRISP Farms Facebook page. What I found was not just a farm but a movement:  neighbors rebuilding the 9th Ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, with gardens and farms. Amen to that.

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